Tuesday, November 4, 2014

a small update, and some other things...

Hello all, I hope everyone is enjoying autumn (or spring, if you're on the other side). 

A friend has convinced me to join her in Trades of Hope. It's a really great organization--they help women who have been rescued out of human trafficking, or whose families were starving and in poverty and they give these women jobs. It's not charity, but instead it's giving people opportunities to get themselves out of bad situations. 

The artisans make their jewelry or scarves or ornaments and name their price, and Trades of Hope pays them, and then catalogs the items for us to sell.

Normally I wouldn't go around advertising and trying to sell stuff like this, but it is for a really good cause. And since packing up my belongings and setting off on a missions trip to the other side of the world is unfortunately not practical for me right now, this is a good alternative.

Also they have some REALLY REALLY nice jewelry. Like this pearl bracelet I bought:

(Please excuse the redness of my hand, I am once again running a fever.)

If anyone is interested, here is my web store:

I'm still extremely new at this, but hoping to plan an online "party" soon, so if anyone would be up for joining that, let me know! And of course, I'd be more than happy to answer questions. CHRISTMAS IS COMING people, and everyone you know needs nice accessories.

In other news, my wisdom tooth issue is currently on pause. Since my insurance will not cover its removal unless it is an *emergency*, I am forced to ignore it until it is an actual emergency. I am also now ill with some new infection, with yet another fever. I give up.


  1. It really sucks that your insurance won't cover the wisdom tooth thing. That does sound like a great charitable cause though. There's no shame or harm in advertising a charity like that. If I have any need for jewelry and the money to get it I'd give them a look first.

  2. Well, it would seem an infection and fever is emergency enough. Call your insurance and talk until they say yes. I work for a dentist (although not an oral surgeon). Having an infection in your mouth like that is not good for you. Trust me on this one...I also fight with insurance every day too...sucks, eh?

  3. Just wait till the doctor gives you those happy pills for the pain.. trust me, the pain will make it allllllll worth it. :)

  4. FINALLY someone tells the truth about the evil demons who design upper-wear for women. They all suck so much. Even before I was plus-sized on the bottom, I was considered plus-sized on the top. The only place I could ever get bras, forget buttoned shirts, they're not for our kind, and almost any shirt that didn't look like a porno prop, was the large ladies' stores. Which are WAY MORE EXPENSIVE. Really, how much can that couple inches of fabric REALLY cost? You a-holes.
    Thanks for letting me know it's not just me!

  5. Sorry, I meant to leave that last comment for a different post. I messed up, my computer is goofy. THAT last comment was supposed to go on the bra post.

  6. My comments are getting all messed up, SORRY!


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