Saturday, August 20, 2011

Because, unlike some other Robin Hoods, I can speak with an English accent.

Anonymous, thank you for your comment. The one that blogger ate is still with us in spirit. <3

Cierra, send me a link to your blog!! I can't find it! Am I following you? Blogger won't let me look at your profile. You too Annie! I think there may have been more, but I forgot to make a list..... If your blog/profile is private, send me a link!! I'd love to read. <3

Nothing can drag you out of a nasty funk like your kitty. And some cats are very good at making you feel better. Callisto, for example....
She really knows how to make you feel better. Or least give you a good cuddle, with purring. If I'm feeling icky, Callisto is usually there, trying to burrow into me and snuggle until I fall asleep. 

Daisy, however, is another story. 

She was never an extremely affectionate cat, so it really shouldn't come as a surprise at this point. When you're feeling sick/suicidal/sh*tty/etc, Dairy really does give a f*ck. Unless of course you have arranged yourself on this one specific chair in the living room, with your feet up on the ottoman--then Daisy will come sleep on you. 

Otherwise, Daisy just wants to sleep.

And eat.

But mainly sleep.

She used to be kind of a spastic. But now, at 7 years old, all she does is sleep. Occasionally she'll venture outside and kill something, or stalk something and think about killing it before taking a nap. Once in a while, she has her random spazz-freakouts. But most of the time though, she just sleeps. Like 22 hours a day.

A big change from when she was a kitten. Back then, she was a TOTAL PSYCHO. 

Aside from having freakishly large ears, 

she used to attack anyone and everyone who tried to sit in the living and watch TV. 

She would stalk you silently. 

And then when you least expected it..................

And it happened so fast that you had no time to process it. She would attack your head, and then vanish. You would be left emotionally scarred and hyperventilating. 
I love cats.





  1. Perhaps Daisy is part bat.

    Oh, my sweet Westley, what have I done!
    He doesn't want us to cut through our chains... He wants us to cut through our feet.
    Holy crap that's so awesome!! I'm glad to see you in brighter spirits. Live it up with Lance & Carey for us all :)

  2. CATS!!!

    I got drunk and played WoW while holding my kitty Jaks this evening. It was quite a riot.

    I love pouncing Daisy!

    And lovable Callisto!

    Mich, please, let's be crazy cat ladies together. Okay? Good.


    I had changed my url address b/c i don't really identify with pro-ana, but it fucked everything up with my followers so i just changed it back.

  4. I wonder if you mean me? (I have seen another Annie wandering around the blogs I follow..)

    I will try to figure out how to be not private.

    My kitty use to do the exact same thing, he would hide under beds and attack you when you walked by, then shoot back under the bed before you had a chance to realize what had happened =P

  5. omgomgomg carey elwes???? I die inside. Get a picture, or a thousand. Stalk him. please. Adflkdhfshldsfjs. Nathan Baesel. wtf. Leslie vernon is like my favorite movie ever. If you get a picture of/with him, I will love you forever. But like really.

    Have so much freakin' fun, I am so so jealous.

  6. Cats are so entertaining. Mine used to be a lot of fun... but she's almost 12 now. Not as spry as she used to be :(

    Your theory about teeth falling out in dreams makes a lot of sense. Getting old is definitely a fear of mine, and one I try to avoid thinking about consciously. Do you have those same fears? Or do you think it happens to you for other reasons?

    Also, I will try reading some of your fiction this week, before I go back to work on my story. Any suggestions? I had no idea there would be so much to choose from!

  7. I've never been a cat person myself.
    I had one awesome cat growing up that was abnormally fat and didn't really show much interest in you but whenever you were down in the dumps like at your all time low he would comfort you, like he was weird.
    Every cat after him has been just...weird.

    The cat we have now sounds a lot similar to your cat Daisy.
    Cats are definitely interesting creatures to say the least :)

  8. I don't know, sleeping 22hrs doesn't sound too bad.


  9. My cat just creeps up and lays across my stomach while I'm sleeping like a dirty, furry belt. 'em.

  10. OMG AS YOU WISH YO! I love that mofo. take a pic

  11. Awwwww I love cats. Why else would I have adopted 6 strays? Eeks! Crazy! And 1 dog, also a stray. I don't think I've ever bought a cat or dog. I keep getting strays in my yard and they look up at me with these sweet faces and how can I say no?
    I love Men in Tights!

  12. omg cats are so much cooler than most people :D
    its good for you, you have such lovely (or not) cats which can comfort you when youre having a hard time. (:

    and yeah, take pictues! :D


  13. OH MY FUCKING GOD! *sings* The Niiiiiiight is youuuung, and youuuuuu're soooo beaauuuuuutifullll.....

    I wanted to marry Carey Elwes. And Eddie Vedder. Actually a lot of hot early nineties heartthrobs. Every single person in the cast of "Newsies". Ditto "Dazed and Confused". It was a golden time of rampant hormones!

    Ok now I feel old. Anyone else remember when Frances Bean was born?


    I worked all day and it broke my brain. You're glorious Lady Mich! Have fun at your con. Run amok!


  14. ha cats are just crazy and damn sorry im working today gotta love the life of retail

  15. i love cats ^^

  16. i had this cat once, Sonic, who would sit by the telephone and literally stare at it for hours, as though he was expecting a phone call. He was also super sweet and super cuddly and also good at figuring out when you were in distress and he'd come to comfort you. I'm massively allergic to cats though (we didn't know until after we'd got Sonic), so my memories of those 2 years we had him involve puffy red eyes streaming with tears and itchy throat, and wheezing and claritin and albuterol and myself insisting on cuddling with the cat while my mother anxiously stood by wringing her hands and begging me to let go of the cat before he killed me with love... She eventually gave him up for adoption, she couldn't take the worry anymore. Part of me has never forgiven her for that...

  17. Hehe...I love your cat description. Cats are crazy and wonderful...and sometimes awful, all at the same time. Mine can be loving on me one minute and biting the hell out of my foot the next. Still, wouldn't give him up for the world.

    Hope you had a great time meeting Lance! Can't wait to hear bout it.

  18. Am so loving the kitty stories...and the pictures...yay!

    You get to meet Cary Ellwes....???????"Be still ,my heart". He was especialy hot in uniform in "Glory". Sigh.......


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