Friday, May 6, 2011

It always starts this way. With a single blade of grass.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LANCE!! A day late, but better late than never.... This one's for you. <3

In honour of Lance Henriksen Blog Week, and Lance's birthday, I shall now talk even more about Millennium

I know what y'all are thinking: [OMG, does she ever shut the eff up about Millennium??]

Nope, sorry kids; she doesn't.


My favourite episode of Millennium ever comes from season 2: "A Single Blade of Grass." Why is it my fav? I think that has something to do with this one Saturday night about 12 years ago. Mum had grounded me for no reason so that she could go out with her friends and leave me home to babysit Little Sis, who was 4 at the time. I was 14. Mum did that A LOT, and when you're 14 and you're not allowed to do anything, ever, you tend to become full of angst and rebelliousness. So this one night I decided to dig into my drug stash and take some acid. 

I have never claimed to be a maker of good decisions

After Little Sis went to bed, I dug out my most recent tape of stuff I recorded off the TV--mostly a mash-up of episodes of the X-Files, Oz, Daria, music videos, and of course, Millennium. The first episode on that tape was "A Single Blade of Grass."

I watched and then rewound and repeated that episode a total of four times. I dunno why--at that moment, with my brain all trippy and my mind all angry, I found comfort in that episode. And apparently conditioned myself to love that episode forever. It's like a security blanket. I have the entire script memorized. The images on the TV in the last post are from this episode.

So I'm going to summarize it for all y'all. 

The episode opens in New York City, where a construction site owner who wants to start building an office or something is battling with a bunch of archaeologists at the construction site. The site was apparently an Indian burial ground, and the archeologists, understandably, want to make sure it's carefully excavated. Construction Site Owner doesn't like this. 

And then the Archeologist, Dr. Liz digs up a dead body--not an old one from the burial ground. The recently dead body of an Indian. Construction Site Owner is double-pissed now, because his site has become a crime scene. 

Good thing Frank Black happened to be in New York!

The NYPD brings him in to investigate. Frank has a Vision.

The vision leads Frank to the basement of a fancy hotel across the street, where they find blood on the floor, and bloody hooks and chains hanging from the ceiling, Hellraiser-style.

...and drawings on the wall from pretty much every Indian tribe in North America. Frank brings Dr. Liz in to help. 

Her power animal is an ant.

Eventually, everyone puts two and two together--the guys working the construction site are all Indians. And the dead guy is an Indian. There's Indian drawings on the walls at the murder scene. Frank thinks they're a lost tribe of the Iroquois--one that split up and hid itself among the other North American tribes. 

So Frank goes to talk to the disgruntled Indians at the bar where they hang out.

And he shows them a picture of this weird circle symbol, asking them if they know what it means. 

The Indians are not helpful. 

But they lied. They know what the circle means, and they also know that the circle was NOT one of the symbols on the wall in the basement. The token Wise Old Indian says their Ancestors showed Frank the symbol in a vision. 

The Indians killed the dude at the burial site as part of some ritual involving a prophecy that will bring the buffalo back, and make the grass stop growing for the white man and junk. (Well, they accidentally killed him by feeding him too much snake venom.) The dead dude was supposed to travel the Spirit Road to the West and bring back the second guy from the prophesy. So since Frank is from Seattle and knows about the circle symbol, OBVIOUSLY he's the other one. 

The kind of crazy and also kind of hot Indian Leader believes so, anyway. And Frank has more visions, and tells Dr. Liz about them.

Oh yeah, and Frank accidentally kills the Construction Site Owner with the heart squeeze.

But that same night, the Indians kidnap Frank out of the museum. 

The cops and Dr. Liz look for him in the hotel basement, but no one is there. Then out in the street, Dr. Liz realizes there's smoke pouring out of the manhole covers.

Down in the sewers, the Indians are dancing around a fire and stuff, and they feed Frank snake venom. 

'Cause that totally worked the first time. 

Frank has some of the same visions as he did earlier (the long house, buffalo, etc.), but he tells the Crazy Indian Leader that the prophesy won't come true the way they want it to. They're looking for the wrong things. 

Crazy is pissed, so they feed Frank more snake venom.

But then Frank is rescued by Dr. Liz and the NYPD. Back up on the street, the cops catch some of the Indians while others run away. 

And then a herd of buffalo runs down the street.

The end!


  1. i must start watching these dvd soon as possible!

    Yes, i am intrigued...and your drawings, as always, are effing awesome!

    i love you!

    And thank you for the sweet remarks on my blob!


  2. That sounds fantastic! I shall definitely have to begin watching this show you're obsessed with. ^_^

  3. This post is wicked, M.! The toons are hilarious! 'Frank in the bag' is my fav!

    I'm like that about a certain episode of Northern Exposure. It's the one where Marilyn, the doctor's assistant, goes on vacation to Seattle. (surprise, surprise!) There's a lot of footage from around the city. I love it, even though it's a little out dated!

    Hope your weekend is killer, Babe! <3. XXX.

  4. Those are awesome pictures as usual! You are too awesome Mich!!!

  5. Do like/watch Dexter?

  6. All this entry did is make me want another hot indian boyfriend. lol

  7. Oh my God, hahahaha. You are insane!!! In the best way possible. :P

  8. Cinnimon "Northern Exporsorse" YES!!!!!!!

  9. Sigh i know i can't spell...especially under this stress!

  10. The first time I've ever heard of Millenium is on your blog- I've never seen it before...but from what you described it sounds really interesting so I might have to find somewhere online to watch it! It reminded me of 'Bones' plus a bit of the supernatural thrown in :)

  11. Great story. I liked The X-files, but didn't get into Millenium. I'm into Fringe right now. Kinda x-files-ish. :)

  12. Ok, now I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY wanna watch Millennium. Hook me up with a Millennium Marathon?

    Lol, I'm surprised he gave them so much tuna! his kitties are obviously spoiled. I love those engineers and their cat videos.

    Damn I wish I had time to watch TV!


  13. I don't actually count my steps. The bodybugg does all that for me. I don't really strive to hit a certain number, but it does tell me which days are more active than others. Some work days can be well over 10,000 steps, while a school day ends up around 6,000.

  14. Of all the Millennium episodes to be your favorite, you pick that one?! Lol.

    From one Millennium fanatic to another, nice job.

  15. I swear, if you ever make a comic strip or an acutal cartoon with your MS paint drawings...I will so read/watch that bitch!



    P.S. I found that picture that's in my header one someone elses blog. I loved it, so I stole it! It's so weirdly beautiful....

  16. Wow reading that is like watching TV on drugs.


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