Friday, July 24, 2015

Conversations from Warwick Assembly of God Youth Group:

Lil Bro#1[he has taken over youth group for the summer]: ::some basic advice on peer pressure:: "Yeah so basically don't feel like you need to do something you shouldn't do just because other people are doing it. Like just because the cool rebel kids like my sister seem really awesome, that doesn't mean you should go around setting fire to things."

Kid: "What?" ::to me:: "You set fire to stuff?!?"

Mich: "We set fire to everything. We were very bad."

All the Kids: "THAT'S SO COOL."

Lil Bro#1: -___________-

Things are not much improved in general, but this week I have been too exhausted to care. VBS (Jesus freak bible camp) started on Sunday evening, so every day after work I've spent several hours attempting to control 6 extremely hyperactive 8-10 year old boys. 

Four of them, actually sitting down quietly for nearly a full minute. I do not know where they got the Piglet hat.

On Tuesday, they rioted over bubbles. I was very proud. 


  1. Ha!

    Where can I get a piglet hat please? X

  2. I survived an all-nighter once. That was enough for me. And I was younger then...

  3. In reference to your comment to Sammy: I'd watch Fat Head (the "oh, PUHLEASE, Supersize Me fandom" counter-documentary) before I worried about low carb high fat clogging your arteries. There are good books out there with science supporting ketogenic/low carb high fat diets, too.

  4. To be fair setting fire to things is pretty cool. It's totally the little brother's fault for mentioning it. He even indirectly implied you were awesome for burning things.

  5. Setting fire to things?
    I want to party with you.

  6. If God didn't want us setting fire to things he would not have created it.

    Things we've set fire to: 200 English textbooks, which had been left by the side of the road, and an abandoned car. High school was a fun time.


    (re: A Beer for the Shower. dear God, so this is where Fahrenheit 451 started huh?)

    i hope you're eating better and are sleeping okay. i hope your mood is stable (not particularly bad or good, etc).

    -Sam Lupin

    comment reply:

    the hazelnut one was definitely something that needs a revisit.

    "We can suffer neurological disturbances together. I have been consuming entire packages of bacon and whole racks of ribs in one sitting. I'd love to know what my arteries look like at this point..."

    since you do LC, i actually think your arteries look better than mine. i genuinely believe that the less carbs in your diet the better off you are (generally).

    my body is a bit weird though. i don't do as well on LC as i do on very high sugar/high fat/high fast food diet. mentally and physically it's just...uh. it isn't even a time thing since i've been on LC for a while before and still had the same feelings.

    but eh, how weird different bodies are. one body can differ a lot as time goes on.

    -Sam Lupin

  8. "Have you ever heard of the blood type diet? Idk if it really works, but it makes sense the way they present it... I'm O+, and O's are supposedly the meat eaters."

    i have actually read the book and thought it was weird. it does sound like it makes some sort of sense though somehow. like it was legit but i don't know much about how 'legit' it is.

    i also am an O+ and i have PCOS (advise a low sugar/low carb diet for them as they are 'insulin resistant') so i am just a big old mystery all by myself. i find that eating a lot of junk food/fast food reduced 1) my hypoglycemic attacks that used to be 1-2 times a week now i haven't had once since i started to eat 100% crap, 2) increased my energy, 3) improved my sleep and 4) i lose weight much easier when i consume the least amount of meat in my diet.

    it would make sense though - that i'd have a low blood sugar problem if i ate fast food/junk food but it's like... not an issue anymore. it's strange. it really is. especially since high amounts of sugar makes you secrete more insulin --> easier for it to fall later on in the day. and i'm not even a grazer. i eat a lot of sugar all at once so it would make sense for me to have low blood sugar from my diet but i don't. instead, i have more blood sugar attacks following either 1) an LC diet or 2) following a traditional healthy diet. i'm not sure if this is because my idea of 'healthy' also means eat as much protein as possible.

    it is very funny though. the whole world and their mother is telling me that LC/low sugar is perfect for me but my body always reacts so negatively to it. i've tried a lot of variations of a healthy diet (ketogenic, just pure low carb, Harcombe, just plain eating lots of protein, a vegan ketogenic diet, just eat "real food", just eat low fat crap, etc) but nothing's made me feel as good as...well, there was that one week where i just ate pizza. literally. and i felt better on that week than i did on months eating LC/IIFYM.


    though there was a blimp in time where Harcombe made me feel better. then not. though i am toying with the idea of possibly having a vegan junk food diet. somehow. hmmm.

    -Sam Lupin

  9. All the Kids: "THAT'S SO COOL."

    Lil Bro#1: -___________-

    haha.. that's the best :D

  10. "I would prefer to be treated by the doctor who got good marks on the doctor stuff, rather than the government stuff." <--angeeeeeeeel

    you didn't!?!?! dear God, that's super evil, Mich. if I was her, there's no way I could've forgiven you for that one. really. Milk & Cookies is super good. I had the not so nice version of Half-Baked (totally not worth it). a CORE version. le gah. I will one day get my hands on a true container of Half-Baked and that's when I will be... well...ahem...half-appeased (you can never really appease a woman, right? -shot for terrible joke-)

    "People should really shut the eff up about other people's weight." BASICALLY unless they have something nice to say then sAY IT it might seriously make that other person's day omg

    -Sam Lupin


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