Thursday, May 21, 2015

R.I.P. The Virus Pimp

My friends, today was a sad day.

And also a painful and hectic and ridiculous one.

The Virus Pimp is no more.

Miraculously, I was not seriously injured. Some idiot decided to try their luck flying across a 4-lane county road without looking, and this was the result. The other person she hit went away in the ambulance. I consider myself incredibly lucky, for God carried me out of that alive and with no serious injuries. The guy that towed it could not believe I walked away mostly unharmed.

I am covered in cuts and bruises, including a hideous red mark across my neck and chest that should serve as a reminder to everyone why you should wear your seatbelt.

Photo doesn't do it justice, especially now it has embellished itself with yellow and purple bruises.

Tomorrow, I shall wake up in an absurd amount of pain. What pains me more is the boredom to follow, of being out of work for the next four days.


  1. Ooh! That is a pretty big hit! Without a seat belt you would have gone into the windshield for sure. Was there also an air bag?

    Glad you are ok. 4 days, take it slow.

  2. As a fellow Short Person, while I am appalled to learn of your misfortune, I am glad to learn there is a possibility wherein my seat belt will not be the instrument of my death (via strangulation) in the event of an accident.

    Take your vitamins as prescribed, and REST for a few days, for the love of pete. You're probably going to hurt like hell (it gets worse over several days) but no sense in making it worse than it has to be. I'm glad you got seen and at least know you're sort of ok. Take care.

  3. Gosh!! I'm glad you are ok :// that must have been scary!
    Take care of yourself my dear *hugs*
    Mandy xx

  4. Gosh Mich your car is a complete write off
    It is indeed a miracle that you walked away relatively unscathed
    Take care of yourself over the next few days
    Stay warm
    Lots of hot comforting drinks
    Use the few days to recuperate and rest
    So glad you are ok though


  5. Eeek! I'm so glad you're okay! As others have commented, take everything as prescribed/instructed and rest for a few days.

  6. I'm really glad you're mostly unhurt. Cuts and bruises will go away pretty quick. As will nasty red marks. It is a shame about Virus Pimp though. That car looks pretty big so it must have been something nasty that mangled it so much.

  7. I think that must be tougher mentally...

  8. when i saw that crash, my fucking heart just stopped.


    oh god, i'm glad you aren't severely injured. pissed at the asshole. seriously? what the hell? i hope the pain isn't so bad. take care of yourself as best as you can, you little fairy you. i absolutely love you.

    -Sam Lupin

  9. Oh my gosh, I'm so glad you're okay. You're one lucky lady. Rest and heal up soon. Sending love and (very gentle) hugs <3

  10. Wow, God was with you. Glad you are okay, hope everything works out.

  11. OMG glad you were able to walk away from that!! You have angels watching over you for sure. Virus Pimp really took one for the team there. This is why I'm so afraid to drive--feckin' bastards.

    Hope you're feeling better, getting rest, and keeping yourself occupied. xo

  12. Oh, I am so, so sorry! So very happy you are okay....soooo scary, dear Mich, please take care of yourself and get some good rest. Love you!

  13. Holy crap! glad you're (mostly) OK and hope the person carted off the in the ambulance is OK, too.
    Oh, the poor car.

  14. Virus Pimp is a teeny tiny car, so for this accident to only mangle the front end and leave you relatively unhurt is just amazing. It served its purpose, and can be replaced, but you can't, so we're glad you made it out of this as well as could be expected.

    The two of us have an ongoing joke that even if we drive 5 minutes, someone will invariably try to kill us with terrible driving. It's a miracle neither of us has ever been in an accident.

  15. Well, that just sucks! Thank goodness you weren't hurt or horribly disfigured. Then...we'd be twins.
    I had an accident last September when some old bat decided to cut in front of my truck when I was going 50 mph. Totaled her car and, while thousands of dollars of damage was done to my vehicle, it was not totaled.
    I traded it in a few months later.
    THAT'LL teach it to not be totaled.


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