Monday, May 4, 2015

it's a crazy, crazy mixed up town

I've been blogging for five years guys, that's insane. I've never been that committed to anything in my life.

I feel like I've been trying to finish book 4 for five years as well, and yet it remains unfinished. It's finally moving again though.....

Y'all remember the band Live? They were big in the 1990's, and they are one of very few bands that have remained playing on my radio throughout the years while I picked up and discarded hundreds of other artists. Classic rock, classical music, grunge, punk, metal, back to classical music, back to metal, bluegrass, country--I still kept Live's albums mixed into my tapes, then later mix CD's, and now in itunes and Spotify playlists.

I never followed Live obsessively like I have done with a great many other bands, so funny enough it never occurred to me until a few months ago that Live has been one of my favourite bands ever for like 20 years. Curious as to what happened to them after they released The Distance to Here in 1999, I looked them up in the itunes store to see if they had released anything since then.

Which eventually led me to the singer, Ed Kowalczyk, and the music he's been making on his own. He left Live in 2009 and has released two solo albums and an EP.

He's making Christian rock now. Christian rock that sounds sort of like Live.

I don't mind Christian rock in church, but I've never really been a fan of the stuff some of my friends and family listen to. It sounds a little too campy to me, and a lot of it sounds all the same. (I don't count Wovenhand as existing alongside Christian rock bands because DEE's music defies categorization.) But now I've been banned from keeping Ed's albums playing at work because, as my boss says, "it's Jesus freak music."

It's weird, I feel like I've carried Ed's music around for most of my life, and then when I went to take a closer look at what he's doing now, he's in the same place I am.

A sign? I dunno about that. Just one of those little things that fits together so neatly, like what my hippie roommates used to call syncronicity.

I love my murder ballads and love me some ear splitting metal, but sometimes I also love blasting this stuff and PRAISING THE LORD

Mumsy and Lil Sis ridicule me relentlessly for this sort of thing. I get them back by praying loudly in public and embarrassing them.


  1. Considering how "Hindu" Live used to be, that's great to hear!

  2. I don't think there's really anything wrong with Christian Rock. I do prefer subtle Christian rock though. Like Brave Saint Saturn. I was surprised when I found out they were actually singing about Christian things a lot. Especially because one of their lyrics included a line about Jesus dying of AIDS. And who can forget the marvelous incident where ICP revealed that all this time they'd been Christian rappers? That's a whole new level of subtlety.

  3. I do remember Live- wouldn't call myself a fan but I did have Throwing Copper cause...well, didn't everyone? I could get down to this kind of 'praise' music...sure beats the stuff they advertise on infomercials. It's so awesome that you enjoy Death Metal and Christian Rock. I would not have thought that was possible until recently. Color me amazed.

    Also, my girls' pediatrician is Dr. Kowalczyk. Not sure what his first name is though.

  4. Thanks to my brothers, I have now experienced Christian death metal. It is ridiculous.


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