Saturday, April 26, 2014

W is for Women

Pretty sure I'm about to offend everyone with this post..... ah well

I have tried not to be such a raging asshole. Really tried.

But I can't.

(For all the ladies reading this--if I am your friend, give yourself a massive f*cking pat on the back. Seriously.)

I hate women.

I have trouble making female friends. The ones who are currently my friends were very very carefully chosen. Most of them also hate women.

I have been accused on a number of occasions of treating women like objects. (As in, running into acquaintances in public places and only addressing the guy in the conversation, and acting like his girlfriend/wife/friend/sister/whoever isn't there.) More than one person has accused me of being a misogynistic pig.

This extends beyond women I know personally. I've said this before: I don't like female vocalists in my music. As with my circle of friends, I do have a few exceptions. In movies and TV, I tend to despise most of the female characters. I'll try and come up with legitimate reasons, but honestly the reason I hate them is because they are not men. Why do y'all think Oz is one of my favourite TV shows of all time? The cast is 99% male. And True Detective quickly became one of my favs because it has absolutely no respect for women.

If we lived as pack animals, I would feel much better. I would take my place as Alpha-female beside the Alpha-male, and I would earn that place by kicking the living shite out of all the other women in the pack.

Honestly sometimes I think if I was a man and in a position of extreme power, women wouldn't be allowed to vote, drive, get a job, own property, or speak in public places. So y'all should say a prayer of thanks that I have boobs. 


  1. I prefer hanging with the guys. I'm not as extreme as you seem to be. I'm surprised you like pink. ;-)

  2. I am curious as to why, Just because?

    1. mommy issues? issues with other girls and women growing up? Idk. Maybe all of that and more....

  3. Wow, you have hit upon a subject close to my heart! I hate women too! I even hate the word. Women. Woman...ugh! With a select few, like you and a few other friends I have met on the 'net, I seriously do not like like "hanging with the gals", I much prefer men.Which is probably why I loved woking at the Rescue Squad so much, besides my love of EMS...almost all the people were guys. And in class, I alwasy hung out with the guys (EMT). The few friends I have in real life are all guys, I rarely see. And when I do, try explaining it to husband, "They are just my FRIENDS!!!!!!!"

    As for professionals, no women need apply. All of them, doctors, dentists, shrinks, attorneys, etc, must be men!

    Mommy issues, maybe? ;)

  4. This whole series has been cracking me up. You are freaking brilliant.

    Also, want to finally get together? I'll send you a message on FB with my phone # so we can actually make plans, now that Polar Vortex has left us...

  5. As luck would have it, I love women.
    Too bad most don't love me back.
    Which is probably for the best because I'd then get into a whole of trouble with Mrs. Penwasser.
    Who's probably not too fond of men.
    Including me.
    Now THERE'S a problem.

    1. Al You are hilariuos wherther you mean to be or not! ;) Love Ya!

  6. haha You know, I've never been a huge fan either. On the up side, "THOSE" women don't like me much either. I have some awesome femme friends, but none of them are of typical personality.

  7. You've absorbed the attitudes of the culture you were raised in.

    We all do.

    I went to an all-girls school. Catty and bitchy and nasty. The 'popular' crowd never even heard me speak until we were forced into the same English class in 7th form. I can't stand the way women have been told to act. I get on better with the other outlying weirdos than the bitch-packs who follow cultural dictates to a T.


    I will not act the way I'm expected to act. I will NOT be 'womanly' or 'ladylike' unless I'm using it as a guise to get close enough to eviscerate someone.

    Bring me my daggers.

  8. You were right. That was offensive. Buuuuuuuuut, I kind of agree with you. I have one female friend that I still talk to on the regular. Other than that, all guys. They're just easier to deal with. Less drama that drags out over a long period of time and even after it's resolved, you still harbor a little bit of anger.
    Women are so good at holding grudges, myself included.
    My one female friend that I mentioned? I may forward your blog to her. I think it will be a relief to her that she's not the only one who feels this way. lol


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