Friday, August 16, 2013

Over time, your quickness with a cocky rejoinder must have gotten you many punches in the face.

I have returned home! ….unfortunately. But YAY now I can start seriously looking for apartments.

The SCAC show was amazing. I took lots of photos, and mostly stalked Munly because I’m creepy like that.
also because Munly

CO was amazing as well. I miss Kazehana already!

The only down side was that my good camera (the 35mm Canon) decided to pack it in right around here:
at least my phone takes decent photos...
(The Canon has had issues with the shutter for a while, so I guess it’s my own fault for not getting it fixed BEFORE going away to somewhere with fabulous landscape.)

This weekend I have the house to myself, and plan on clearing out everything under the bed so I can move the bed and get my window fixed. (Superstorm Sauron destroyed it and it has been held shut with wire hangers ever since.) I may use this opportunity to get rid of more stuffed animals.

I hate stuffed animals. I will not buy them for other people's children. If I am ever cursed with children of my own, I will not allow other people to buy stuffed animals for them. I will not allow stuffed animals in the house, at all. (Okay, maybe ONE per child.)

Currently, 12 stuffed animals live in my room. This a vast improvement from the state of things a year ago, before I did the first major clean out of the hoard. I had massive piles of stuffed animals underneath the corner table and under the bed. Not because I had any sentimental attachment to them, but because, for some reason, I am incapable of harming a thing that looks like something that is alive.

As in, if it has a cute face, I don't want to hurt it.

(This is coming from someone who probably consumes a total of about 2,000 mammals, birds, fish, crustaceans, and reptiles per year.)

The hoard of stuffed animals remained because I felt guilty getting rid of them. Mum kept insisting I just throw them away, but the thought of that would send me into a wild fit of anxiety.

(I have recently discovered that I am in fact NOT the only crazy person with this particular form of psychosis.)

Eventually I managed to get rid of many of them because I donated them. As long as I knew that all those stuffed animals were headed for new homes, and not for some landfill, I felt okay about letting them go.

Seriously there's something wrong with me. Like I've had actual nervous breakdowns because of "harm" coming to inanimate or otherwise non-living things.

Remember when I had that epic fever around New Years? I don't get fevers very often. I think I had maybe three from birth to age 18, and that one time when I was in college. It's a good thing I don't get fevers often because they always turn my brain into a puddle of insanity and completely misplaced intense emotions.

Those days in January when I was more or less bed ridden with the plague, I watched marathons of Downton Abbey and Justified. There's this one episode of Justified where this dude living in a halfway house is trying to go see his son for the son's birthday, but things go wrong and the dude ends up shooting people and stealing cars and holding hostages in restaurants and at the very end when Raylan finally catches the dude, the Firby he bought for his son gets shot.

And then the Firby makes this pitiful heartbreaking noise when it falls to the floor.


I don't even like Firbys. They're creepy. But even more than that, they make sad noises when you ignore them and that's the only way to turn them off and I CAN'T FECKING HANDLE THAT SHITE even when I don't have a fever, which is why there has been a blanket ban on such things in my house for more than ten years.

That wasn't the first time that had happened either.

When I was fifteen (I think it was around Thanksgiving?) I got this horrific fever and was sick for like a week. This one Saturday night, me and Big Sis #2 were hanging out watching TV because Mum had left me home to watch Lil Sis (her usual routine on weekends, even if I was so ill I was incapable of standing up) and Big Sis#2 felt bad so she had come over to make sure I didn't drop dead.

Lil Sis insisted we watch her new VHS copy of the Pokemon movie.

At this point, y'all can probably guess that me with a massive fever + this:

= nervous breakdown.

I was having issues throughout the duration of the film because every time Mew mewed I thought I might explode. Then comes the end.

When Mewtwo starts kicking the crap out of Mew.


You know when you're sobbing uncontrollably and as a result, you can't breathe? That doesn't go over too well with a body that's already under the stress of a 104 degree fever. Especially when the bug you have has rendered you unable to eat solid food for the past three days.

Big Sis#2 was an EMT at the time though, so I was at least saved a trip to the emergency room.

I hope you all have a pleasant weekend! I plan on (after dealing with the bed/window) sitting on my arse and doing absolutely nothing, aside from the Renaissance Faire and church on Sunday. 


  1. Welcome back Mich! Yay, New Jersay, yes????

    I completely agree with you , I cannot stand to see any animal hurt, real or pretend.

    I did have this fantasy of cutting the head off this lovely white stuffy horse i had given to my grandniece, after i found it banished to their garage, and putting the head in her parents bed, but now the plan is more along the thought of kidnapping it, back to a home where it will be loved...

    Excellent post and fabulous never cease to amaze...and your last post was beyond, beyond.......words!!!!!!

    Love you!

  2. I had no idea the Pokemon movie could be so traumatic. Imagine what would have happened if you'd seen an uncut version? I personally do actually love stuffed animals so I have the same thing about not liking to see them hurt. I actually had trouble giving my niece a stuffed toy because I thought she wouldn't appreciate it enough. Good luck with the apartment hunting too.

    1. Mark I so agree about giving the niece a stuffed you saw above, you never know where they will end up or if they will be loved!

  3. I miss Justified now that it's ended again, stuffed animals usually end up as bitches for my dogs in this house, have a good weekend girl!

  4. I have to comment on your cloud photo..... As a confirmed cloud watcher... I must say that they are particularly fine

    Ps sorry about your shit

  5. I'm sorry that there won't be pics of your & Kazehana's debauchery!

    I've never had a nervous breakdown over it, but I definitely have a *I can't throw this out, it's sentimental/might be useful* problem. Also not throwing things out because I feel like they ought to be donated. Ya know what happens instead? Things sit in piles in my living space because actually getting them donated feels beyond my capacity for movement. I finally broke through and started throwing out ALL THE THINGS with this most recent move...

    Unwind sounds seriously bizarre! I'll definitely check it out. This is random, but if you haven't read the Oracles of Delphi Keep, it is an amazing historical/fantasy fiction series.

  6. I shouldn't laugh but I do find it a little funny that you got so emotional over what happened in a television show. In fact I can't even laugh about it because I feel really bad that your breathing went funny and that you might have needed medical help, damn that show for being so sad, sorry you went through that Mich. At least you had an amazing trip away though, sounds absolutely wild and exciting which is the kind of thing I know you adore!

  7. Not only has my cocky rejoinder gotten me many punches in the face, it got me twenty-one stitches across the bridge of my nose. On the upside, I ended up having my birthday off.
    I tell that story in my WIP. Surprisingly, no cocks were hurt in the telling of that story.

  8. I feel guilty for finding this so amusing but BAHAHAHAHAHAAA you're ridiculous. My neph went through a phase like that, but he was 4.
    I love that you actually took the time to cover your blanket in the Slayer logo

    yeah I would have stalked Munly too


    Oh boy do I understand that problem. I anthropomorphised the hell out of soft toys when I was little. Taking me to a school fair was LETHAL. I didn't want any more but I had to take them home because I didn't want them to be orphans! I'm down to one suitcase now, and only of ones that have emotional significance. (Gifts from special people/got it at Taronga Zoo etc. I love my stuffed thylacine!)

    Fuuuuuuuck I would have thrown my furby on the motorway in frustration if Mum wouldn't have had a fit over how she got it for me -.- UGH.

    Thank you :D I wasn't sure if it was progress or she was sick of hearing me bitch about work XD

    If I have cat ears and heels, make sure they're boots that come to the knee, k? My feet are too narrow for normal heels, I walk out of the fucking things and leave them behind -.-

    Arohanui <3

  10. One of our friends owns a tech company and got a successful Kickstarter funded... to turn your iPhone into a Furby. You put the little stuffed animal "suit" on the iPhone, and then you can interact with it like a Furby. Yes, it's horrifying. No, I don't know why he thought it was a great idea or why people would want to pay for this. But they do.

  11. Okay I'll admit I'm a little bit jealous.

  12. OMG I wish you were here right now because I bought a hard to find copy of this Japanese movie I love called Wool 100%. It's about these old lady spinster sisters named Ume and Kame (plum and turtle, btw) who are fucking crazy hoarders and all the shit they collect at their mansion has become

    Netflix it and then text me your feels. Or if that won't work, here:

    Because that fucking knitting needle battle with the comforter is not to be missed.


  13. Just curious about what reptiles you been eating?


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