Friday, April 12, 2013

I'm just a poor wayfaring stranger

I'm in like manic-impatient-waiting-mode now. A friend pumped me full of xanax so I am at least not in the imminent-heart-attack state I was an hour ago.

....Lemme back up.

So the first of 2 WovenHand shows is on tonight. This one's in Brooklyn. My colourist was supposed to go with me because I'm terrified of NYC and have never driven into Brooklyn. Weeks ago, we planned that I was to meet him at the salon after work, go in his car to his flat in NYC, and then we would cab it to Brooklyn for the show, then back to his flat, I would crash there, and we'd both go back to the salon in the morning. 

Excellent plan, save for the fact that the arsehole bailed today at around lunchtime. 

Cue the biggest panic attack I have had in years. I got myself so worked up about driving into an unfamiliar city at night alone that I reached the point of vomiting.

But all is well now. I have pills, and an amazing friend who agreed to come with me with only an hour's notice. 

I got a versatile blogger award from the gorgeous and enormously talented Loulou. !!! 
Thank you m'lady. You are too kind. <3

I'm supposed to reveal 7 things about myself and then nominate 7 others, but since I can't think of seven things, I'm going to do what I did one of the last times and empty my purse, as I had to do that anyway in preparation for Wovenhand, so I don't break my shoulder carrying everything I own around with me for the next five hours. 

(click to embiggen)
All that crap is:

1. My wallet

2. One of the books I'm writing, flash drive with all books in progress, extra ink for the fountain pen, extra pens, rolls of film I need to develop, and a list of words I like

3. Various medication, most of it boring, unfortunately. 

4. Spare keys. It's frightening how often I lock myself out of the car.

5. Weird charm bag thing that's supposed to be good luck, and a fortune from a cookie.

6. An Alethiometer.

7. Rosary beads, angel stone, obsidian rock, and an adorable bug in a glass stone from Clytie.

8. Business cards and bookmarks for my books, which I leave in random places because you never know who might pick it up.

9. Ciggies, and fire.

10. Travel toothbrush, bottle opener (wine and beer), and a tin of teabags.

11. Various necessities: tissues, hand sanitizer, wipes, eyedrops

12. More weapons than anyone probably needs to carry in a purse.

13. Hair brush and scrunchies

14. Cosmetics, for touch ups throughout the day.

*. Fun(maybe?) fact: that is a bloodstain from one of my nervous breakdowns. : /

For the seven people I'm supposed to nominate, I ask all of you wonderful people to now nominate yourselves, 
and then fight for the award. TO THE PAIN. 

Time to go bounce off the walls some more and take more xanax before I leave. DEE photos will probably be posted at 2AM when I'm too high on life to sleep. :D


  1. Given the weapons at your disposal, best not to eff with you on the subway.
    Good data point.

  2. Congratulations on the award Mich, hopefully you have a great time venturing into this new city! Sorry to hear it caused you to have a panic attack though, thank the good lord for your friend!

  3. That's possibly more weapons than any one person needs in a purse but I won't deny I'm jealous of the small collection. You must have a massive purse though. I pity any guy that tries to mess with you. Some may expect mace, not a giant knife.

  4. I'm playing name-the-drug. Orange looks like Motrin, little red babies have got to be Sudafed, but I'm stumped on the blue one unless it's Aleve. Oh well.

    Is it weird that I get more of a kick out of the alethiometer than the knives?

    1. Blue ones are proper ephedrine, from Canada because it's illegal here.

  5. Your purse is a treasure trove of epic awesomeness. Sure, you might not need that many weapons, but if it doesn't weigh you down or get you in trouble with the law, why not? Can't be too careful eh?

    I like the idea of leaving your business cards/bookmarks in random places. Have you tried leaving one at a table at Starbucks, or inside a menu of a restaurant? That's the first place I'd leave some. And maybe in a few genre best sellers at Barnes & Noble.

    Congrats on your Versatile Blogger award. I just did a blog award survey thing last week, but if you'll let me I shall claim the award and list seven things about myself in a future post.

    Hope you have a blast in Brooklyn :-)

  6. New York is scary enough being on the other side of the world, let alone right next door! (Can you move the Museum of Natural History to New Jersey? PLEASE)

    Good luck, and I hope you have a blast. Lol I'm so NOT nominating myself for that award. Gonna sit back and watch the spectacle :p

    Need more weapons. And ways to prevent breakdowns. I hate it that you've hurt that much, but such are our brains.

    Love you to bits, DragonMich <3

  7. That's a good thing you trip's still on! It sucks when people bail and plans get changed at the last minute, but at least you have friends that got your back. I remember that "what's in my purse" post you did a while back! Your purse contents are way more awesome than mine (I tend to me a minimalist and if I don't need something, it eventually gets trashed/given away). I mean, knives? How cool is that?!

  8. what omg WHAT IS THIS MICH
    asshole asshole asshole shove his own dick up his ass
    i will mutilate that whore you went through all of that and you're not going after you were in near panic attack mode
    your wallet looks like it can be used for some ancient summonings you go Mich!!!
    omg i cannot write a book on an actual notebook i have to type it up im sorry
    oh Mich xD number 4 got to me
    that weird charm isn't working as you have been having crappy luck (see beginning of post)
    what the fuck is an Alethiometre
    oh pretty
    xD and number 8 omg
    give me a cig
    why do you need tea bags
    necessities my necessities are like Diet Pepsi ok
    why do you need all those weapons
    no it is not a fun fact MICH
    nooooooooooooooooo Mich what the fuck did you do i do not want to nominate myself
    -Sam Lupin

  9. The next thing is that you have to show what kind of bag one needs to be able to fit all this inside it!

  10. Holy shit! You realize you could be arrested for carrying that arsenal around with you, right?

    Well, maybe not. As a matter of fact, I have no real knowledge concerning that. I'm just talking out my a-hole, as usual. Still, that's a load of weaponry, girl. Damn.


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