Friday, December 7, 2012

fo shizzle

Why can't I think of things like this. 

Go to Google, and search "do a barrel roll."


  1. Ha, ha, ha! yo, rap on!

    By the way, you are plently creative all by yourself, girlie!

  2. This is absolutely awesome to me Mich, love this, it's so innovative, have to love a bit of Snoop!

  3. I would do but someone shot me in the knee with an arrow.

    Oh old internet jokes never get old.

  4. If you type in the word askew, the page turns on Google Chrome. They also have a flight simulator, but I can't remember it.

  5. The barrel roll thing makes me giggle very time.

    I'd say your brain runs on similar lines of insane awesomeness but has slightly different starting material to work with.


  6. Missed you lots. I loved the google thing! This is adding to my procrastination wonderfully :)

    Lots of love xxxxx

  7. I think Snoop is one of the most fascinating celebrities we have. Don't always love everything he does, but you can always count on him to be interesting.


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